Sunday, August 14, 2005

This time I was hit

August 1 - Minneapolis, MN.

The day started out just like any other. Its a Monday morning and I am having trouble finding the door so I can get back to work for another week. I decide to ride indirectly to work and avoid the office for as long as practical. I decided to meander my way through Uptown and the Kenwood neighborhood and stop in to Dunn Brothers in Loring Park for a pound of espresso beans (whole - we have a nice Gaggia grinder and a decent SAECO espresso machine) and head downtown. From there the plan is to cross the Stone Arch bridge and head to the office.

At the risk of sharing too much information while my claim is still unresolved, lets just say that someone in an auto turned left in front of me and we collided in downtown Minneapolis. And, so Mom doesn't freak out, lets just say I was fortunate in terms of my injuries. My morning did include an ambulance ride and trip to the Fairview Riverside emergency room, where the staff are really great. Some guy was admitted shortly after I got there. He was passing a kidney stone and was occupying the area next to me. That poor dude was in serious pain. Someone please remind me never to pass a kidney stone, or whatver you do with a kidney stone that causes so much pain and discomfort.

The 'Orange One' from the Milwaukee Bicycle Company is pictured here. The frame and fork checked out just fine, the front wheel has been replaced.

I am learning all about no-fault insurance laws in the state of Minnesota. Very interesting stuff.

So - have fun, be careful and keep your Karma in check.



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