Friday, December 21, 2007

Sometimes I am just a dumbass

I have vacation to use or lose, so I am taking all of it. This "resource" doesn't want to give it back to the man. The temp here is about 34 degrees and I have got nothing going on, so I decide to rollout on the MUSS for what turned out to be a 23 mile ride (Greenway to Hopkins, you know it). I decide to take off the flat pedals in favor of the SPDs. I roll through the alley, knowing that I ought not clip in yet because there is about 2 inches of slushy, heavy snow back there. So - its right pedal unclipped and left pedal clipped as I make my way through about 1 block of the crud. Of course - I get to a point where the snow is a bit too deep - and down I go to the left, unable to unclip fast enough (of course). Winter biking 101 - no SPDs if you are riding in snow.

BTW - At this moment the Greenway is in great riding shape. Its been plowed all the way to Hopkins.


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