Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bar Ride and Chuck Prophet

Saturday night was the SuperTeam's Bar ride. The guys on SuperTeam seem to enjoy bringing out the fixies and single speeds more than throwning it down at a local crit. Kay and I and three of our friends took in part of the bar ride before heading off to see Chuck Prophet at the Turf Club. Funny thing was that, even at a bar ride, we were all way off the back when riding with these guys. It wasn't that they were fast or we were slow. It was that we just didn't leave the bar very quickly.

This photo was taken outside of the CC Club. That's Mike's single speed on the top of the pile. I am not quite ready to subject my single speed to the pile just yet, pretty soon though.

After leaving the CC Club we took 24th Stret across town. We took the pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha and I proceeded to do an "end-O" on the way down the hill. I decided to stop and wait for the girls to catch up and pulled off the sidewalk and on to the grass..... which was about 7 inches deep. So - the front wheel drops and stops, and I do a slow-motion flip. Mike got a birds-eye view and enjoyed it. I brushed off and rode away.

We arrived at the Turf Club at about midnight. Chuck Prophet was on stage and we got to take in the last 45 minutes of his set. I really enjoyed seeing him and the band again. The band really rocks and Chuck has one hell of a sense of humor.


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