Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waupaca Again

We just concluded our third weekend of the year in Waupaca, Wisconsin. We made this trip so we could bike-crawl the Hidden Studios art crawl, which is an annual event. This year there were ten studios on the tour and we visited 8 of them.

The roads there are just as you see in this picture... scenic and with few cars. The only exception was a small pocket of apparent inbreeding precisely where County A interests with County GG in Portage County. There we were harassed a little bit by a bearded dude in a pick-up truck hauling wood. It was no big deal, after rolling past us he rolled own the window, waited for what seemed like an hour and said "go back to the city". OK, sure. Every other motorist, the few that we encountered, were cool.

Sadly our group for this weekend was 4 and not 6 people. Our good friend Jon recently passed away at the age of 45 as a result of a heart attack. We're devastated by this, but obviously not nearly to the extent that his wife Diane is. We'll miss Jon, and we all thought about him and Diane all weekend.


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