Monday, June 23, 2008

Starve the Beast

My High School keeps in touch every now and again. I won't call this esteemed institution of learning out by name, but I will offer a clue by indicating that it is a Catholic high school in Stevens Point, WI. You'll have to figure it out from there if you want to know.

This time the envelope contains 3 yellow pieces of paper, 2 of which are the names of contributors to the annual fund drive. This is a preliminary listing of donors, evidently the precursor to publishing the list to a broader audience. Maybe they'll give the list to the dude or chick that works the pearly gates so they know who gets in and who gets a luxury box (there are categories for different levels of giving). Seems that the organizers want to make sure that the names aren't misspelled or, even worse, a contributor's name isn't omitted altogether.

You won't find my name here, and its not as a result of an error. As part of my recovery I won't give to the institution any more. I don't think that makes me a heretic but, if it does, I don't care.


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