Sunday, December 27, 2009

Packer Tickets

Every Wisconsinite knows how difficult Green Bay Packer tickets are to get. The waiting list for season tickets is literally tens of thousands of people long. If you want to go to a game you can pay a scalper 2-4 times face value, or you might have a ticket connection. My brother-in-law Greg has been a reliable connection for a number of years, and I went to the game today.

The way these tickets change hands is a little like a dope deal (I can only imagine). Greg calls me and indicates that he might have two extra tickets, and would I know who might want them... assuming they are really available. I email co-worker Bruce who is both instinctively and inexplicably on my A-List when these things happen. He emails back immediately and says he'll take them. 24 hours later I am told that there really are two tickets, and I exchange contact info between Greg and Bruce. On Saturday the two of them make contact by phone and meet in a parking lot in Wausau (neither of them live there, both were on the road) and these two people who have never met before do the deal.

It turns out there are two more tickets available, and some person that is loosely acquainted with someone in our group (who we refer to has H.A.) is going to meet us to buy them on game day. We have a phone number, and that's it. We park at the Days Inn (because H.A. has a connection there) and call the buyer. Ten minutes later a 20-something guy walks up with (probably) his girlfriend and says "I think I am here to meet you guys and buy two tickets" and the deal is done. We ask how he knows us and its complicated... he works for someone who is loosely connected with the supply chain. We do the math and this determine that this guy is 5 people removed from the real season ticket holder. I shake my head and say that "I should blog this".

Moral of the story is... if you want to go and there might be a ticket for you, you must commit. If you don't really know the seller or even their full name, don't worry about it because it will all work out.


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