Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Winter/Spring Getaway - Santa Monica -Day 1

This year's winter/spring getaway destination was up for debate.  Nashville?  San Francisco again?  Memphis?  We decided on a place where (1) good weather was most likely to be a lock, (2) we preferred a Blue state and (3) must be bicycle friendly so we can bring and ride our Brompton Bicycles.  We decided on Santa Monica.

We booked a place on VRBO near 11th street and Ocean Park Boulevard.  It's a studio cottage behind the owner's house.  Quiet, private and close to everything that we want to see and do in Santa Monica.

Our flight had us in early and we arrived at the cottage at about 10:30AM.  I set up the Bromptons and we headed out to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.  All food, all appeared to be local.  We scored some staples like bread, Olive oil and fruit.  We located a food truck on the way back to the cottage and shared one of the best quesadillas that we ever had.

After that we rolled out to the LA Original Farmer's Market, which is now a high-end shopping mall. Its nice as far as malls go, but I wouldn't recommend it.  We had a Jamba juice and peeled out of there.

The next stop was the Music Box Steps, where Laurel and Hardy's classic The Music Box was filmed in 1932.  After that, it was espresso and coffee beans to go at nearby Cafecito Organico.  The espresso did not disappoint.  Cool place with a nice outdoor seating area too.  

After that it was a 16 mile pedal back to the cottage.  We are both a bit tired after a flight, 40 miles on the Bromptons and a full day.

Today's routes includes this route, this route and most of this route.  There was some good riding, some OK riding and some awful riding.  We had to take side walks on busy streets from time to time, mostly to get around/under/over the freeways.  Almost no one walks in LA, so it usually was't a problem.  Santa Monica has done a good job with their bike accommodations, other cities are working on it. Beverley Hills and Hollywood has some nice neighborhood street to pedal.  Venice Boulevard has bike lanes, but also has 6 lanes of cars.  4th street near Korea Town and Central LA was very nice.  There are sharows, light traffic and a residential through street that went east-west.  


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