Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 11-13, 2012 - Olsztyn

We took the train from Krakow to Olsztyn, an 8-hour train ride.  The PKP Trains, while they seem to be reliable and on time, they are an aged fleet.  Not to complain, because America absolutely sucks when it comes to trains.  My gripe is with congress, not with Amtrak.

We walked from the Olsztyn Zach station to the Pod Zakiem B&B where we would spend the next two nights.  Olsztyn is a charming city, very green with parks and hills.  There was a music festival going on.  Strachy na Lachy was performing in an outdoor amphitheare very near our B&B.  It was sold out, bur we were able to hear the band and capture a few photos and videos.

After the Strachy na Lachy show there was recorded music and dancing going on all night.  Literally.  All. Night.  The music didn't not stop until 6AM, making it hard to sleep.  The interesting thing was that this was all taking place on week-nights.  It makes me wonder what these people do to make a living, when they aren't interrupting our sleep.

We rented a car on July 12.  Our destinations were Lukta and the Wolf's Lair.  Kay 2's Grandfather was born in Lukta and his family attended the church there.  It was important for Kay 2 to walk around Lukta where her Grandfather was from and few up before immigrating to the United States.

After leaving Lukta we drove to the Wolf's Lair.  This is where Hitler had set up a command center in Word War 2.  There were about 2,500 people who worked out the the Lair, and Hitler spent over 800 days there.  We took a brief, self-guided tour.  The rain shortened our stay there a bit.  We did get to bunker 3, where Claus von Stauffenberg made an unsuccessful attempt on Hitler's life.  We also got to bunker 13, which was Hitler's own bunker.  We have visited two very important sites where World War II is concerned.

During the drive we saw per 50 Polish Storks.  They are an interesting looking bird, fun to see.  They have nests that are low enough to get a good view of what they are doing, even while driving.

On the 13th we go our separate ways.  Kay 2 heads to Warsaw, flies to Paris and then home.  Kay 1 and I are off to Poznan, Lodz and Warsaw before our flight home.


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