Friday, October 07, 2005

Hummer Drivers are Pigs

So this morning I am riding to work, and I decided to take the trail that follows our light rail system. The route includes a crosswalk across 6 lanes of traffic on a street called Hiawatha, which also parallels the train. The light changes in my favor, after the usual 90 second wait after pressing the 'walk' button. I ride across the intersection, along with about 5 other bicyclists going in both directions.

A Hummer H3 stops at the light, completely blocking the cross walk. As I approach I sort of look at the female driver with an expression that (I think) said "what are you doing?" or "does that thing have reverse?" She did not move, a bike going the other way said "That's the problem". No doubt.

Anyway - I think that I need to start carrying the digital camera because that little episode caught on film/memory stick would have been ART. It said so much about the Hummer and the selfish people that own and drive them.


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