Thursday, March 27, 2008


We started seeing the Xtracycle around Minneapolis in strong numbers last year. We had a mid-90's hybrid that was under-used, so we had an appropriate steed for the conversion. We used the Bob Trailer last year to get groceries and bevies, but it isn't real effective for that sort of hauling. The blokes at Hiawatha Cyclery did the conversion for us. I just dropped it off and said "do it", and they did a great job.

I picked it up yesterday, and then had to get groceries to put in it. Rolled over to Kowalski's and got one bag of groceries and rolled home. Walked out of the store with my bag and a guy says.... hey - is that your bike over there... and asks about it. I tell him I just picked it up, ask me in 2 weeks how it works, but everyone that has one loves them.

Truth be told, it belongs to Kay... its not mine. Still, that long seat post is all I need to make it our bike.


Blogger Sinjin Eberle said...

Nice Phredly!! (And KayPhredly!) Quite sweet! I have seen a couple around here now, and they really seem to be catching on...

8:28 PM  

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