Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Angry Minneapolis Cop

We were out pedaling around today in the 40+ degree sunny weather. We took in a bicycle event that happens here every year on the day before Superbowl. I guess I shouldn't call out its name, but it does attract a few hundred people on bikes.

This event ended at a Bar in the Cedar Riverside area. A Minneapolis Police Officer was on the scene, talking to a few people on the sidewalk near the fence. Some of the people had a video camera. We didn't hear what was being discussed. We locked on to a parking meter and the female officer with crew cut-like hair walks away in full-on rant mode. She said something like... "great, video tape my ass..." and continued her meandering soliloquy.

Every time I have an encounter with the Minneapolis Police Department, its an odd encounter. If some car... errrr person... decides to tap your back fender intentionally with their Jeep during a fit of road rage, the Minneapolis Police will do nothing. If your house is broken into, don't expect anything from the Minneapolis Police. Now this... admittedly odd encounter. The few times that I have had an encounter with the St Paul Police department have been completely the opposite... professional and with an intent to "serve and protect".

What is it about the Minneapolis Police Department?


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