Monday, March 02, 2009

Milwaukee - M'waukee

I took in the North American Handmade Bicycle show this weekend in Indianapolis with some of my mates. Blokes weekend, it was a good time. Perhaps I'll blog more about that later. There was one moment that I'd rather not forget...

We are leaving a restaurant one evening and are approached by a 40-something couple. They see Mark's 'Milwaukee Bicycle Company' T-Shirt and this exchange occurs:

40-something couple: "Hey, we are from Milwaukee. Where is that bike shop located"?

Me: "Its on the Southside, on Lincoln Ave, near my Grandmother's old place."

40-something couple: "We'll check it out".

Me: "Uh - what did you call that town that you claim to be from"?

40-something wife, now smiling large: "M'waukee"!

Me: "That's more like it. Now I know you two are really from M'waukee"


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