Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minnesota Traditions

No - not the stupid cabin up north, or the fishing opener. The Minnesota tradition I just experienced was the liquor store run to Hudson, Wisconsin on Sunday. We participated in the Ride Around Roberts bicycle ride, a fund raiser for the Lion's Club there. It was a good ride that is run by our friend George.

After the ride we thought it might be good to get some New Glarus Spotted Cow beer, given that we were in Wisconsin. Its not available (to my knowledge) in Minnesota and we knew that it was (1) available in Wisconsin and (2) available for purchase in Wisconsin today... Sunday. So - we seized the moment and scored a case. There were 5 cars in the lot, all of which had Minnesota license plates. One of the 5 cars had those Whiskey plates... the ones that begin with "W" and are plain white. You have to earn those plates, take your pick of rocking a .20 on the breathalyzer, have multiple DUIs or have a minor in the car whilst nailed for a DUI (as I understand it).


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