Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sant Monica - Day 3

The weather on Day 3 in Santa Monica is just like the others.  Sunny, warm, slight breeze and 70-something degrees on its way to the mid-80's.  You can tell why 25M plus people live in California.

We pedaled over to Abbot's Habit for breakfast.  We shared a breakfast wrap and had an espresso.

After that it was a short pedal to the Venice Farmer's Market, where we purchased some kick-ass brownies from Crave Dessert.  Note to self - they ship.

We headed south on the Bike Trail that follows the beach for about 5 or so miles, then headed back north.  After finding Charlie and Marcy's place (2429 Frey, Venice) and Bill and Karen's place (2420 McKinnley, Venice) from Californication, we ended up at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, a former train station that is now a collection of Art Galleries.  The Andrew Weiss Gallery in D4 was very interesting.  They had pieces by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Renoir on display and available for purchase... un-fucking-believable.  Plus there was some art by Bob Dylan and a bunch of Marilyn Monroe photos. That gallery completely blew my mind.

Our late lunch was at Swingers Diner in Santa Monica.   Diner fare plus a number of vegetarian and vegan choices.  It was good, as was my afternoon nap.

For dinner we walked to Santa Monica's Main Street and had Sushi at Tsukiji Sushi Sen.  It was OK, not the best nor worst that we ever had.

In pedaling around Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood and Beverly Hill we have seen a number of (house) tear-down projects.  We saw two real quaint and neighborhood homes with a sign that indicates that a tear down permit has been procured.  In Hollywood there were a number of signs protesting teat-down projects.  I guess it is happening everywhere.


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