Friday, March 27, 2015

Santa Monica - Day 2

We kept it close to home on our second day in Santa Monica.  Breakfast was in, and we headed out to the trail along the beach in Santa Monica and Venice.  We rolled over to Hank Moody's apartment in Venice and took the attached photo.

We took in the Venice Canals, they were created by Abbot Kinney way back in the day.  Apparently there used to be more canals and some still remain.  We shopped on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, scored a shirt and some things for the kids.  Abbot Kinney has not yet been taken over by chain stores.  It is worth a visit.  

Lunch was at a place on Abbot Kinney caked Kreation Organic, with an emphasis on the E-A-T.  Its a place that has a large outdoor seating area that features an effective, interesting and SoCal sort of mist that keeps the patrons cool while ingesting some real good food.  Organic, made from scratch,  smoothies, Detox program and people-watching... that kind of place.  Recommended.  

After lunch it was more shopping... Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  Unlike Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the chains have seized firm control of Montana Avenue.  The best part of the street is a place called Ten Women Gallery, a collective of local art.  There is a Whole Foods on Montana Ave, and we witnessed a conversation between two actors, one male and one female.  They just sort of struck up a conversation that led to an exchange of contact info.  

This evening we went to the Troubadour to see The Wild Reeds, supported by Air Traffic Controller and River City Extension.  The Troubadour has hosted some famous acts... James Taylor, Carole King, Janis Joplin, Neil Young and so many more.  The place is very small, maybe a capacity of maybe 300-400, and there is an upstairs with four rows of bleacher style seats.  The club is nice, we would return.  The only downside is that the beer and wine selection is a little aged... not anything available that is micro-brew.  

Going to the show we missed the 4 bus by about 30 seconds and the next one was to be 60-90 minutes out, according to the LA Metro's website.  We grabbed a cab ($30 with tip) to the show.  Driver was a nice guy who had apparently worked too many hours.  The system logged him out and he was unable to log back in.  The ride home was with UBER and their pool service.  Kashi from Russia was our driver, and we were pooled with Richard.  Richard's destination was Santa Monica, as was ours.  Here is the cool thing... the fare for our 9.5 mile ride was $5.  Five bucks.  


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