Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pinkie is here

Shortly after moving to Minneapolis from Saint Paul, I discovered that nearly everyone has a single speed road bike. I suspect that there may even be a law that makes it compulsory for cyclists to own a single speed here in Mill City. So, not to be left out, we set on a mission to find Kay an adequate single speed road bike to add the basement clutter.

After a rather extensive search, we decided on the FreeCity from NYC Bikes in Brooklyn, NY. One of the criteria was that the bike had to be pink, had to be a road bike and had to be relatively unique. To our surprise we found that very few manufacturers have caught on to the pink bike thing. Surly did it on a mountain bike, but that was a short run thing and they never did the same with their Steamroller. Bianchi's PUSS is pink, but its not a road bike. Brian took care of of us at NYC Bikes and kept in touch. The whole bike was a mere $789, and it took about 5 weeks to arrive, I understand that Bicycling Magazine just did a piece on NYC Bikes, so that may account for the back log. We've only been out for one ride, but its safe to say that we are satisified with our pink single speed.


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