Sunday, January 29, 2006

Texas Winter Trip - The Drive North

January 27-28, 2006
Not much to talk about on the drive home. We had hoped to ride more, but the forecast called for rain on Friday and Saturday (which did happen) so we high-tailed it out of Texas and headed home. We spent the night in Aubrey with my cousin Sharla and her husband Jerry in their new home. Its a nice place in an intentional community outside of Aubrey, TX.

On Friday we drove to KCMO. Stopped in at (1) Broadway coffee and bought several lbs of espresso for redistribution and (2) the Acme Bicycle Company.

On Saturday we drove home, arriving at about 4PM. Along the way we had a great lunch at Cafe Baratta in Des Moines, which was the day's highlight. We will return there whenever we are in Des Moines.

The photo in this post is from Luckenbach, TX.


Blogger Mr DirtBagger said...

I like your blog, but stereotyping hummer drivers. not cool.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Jim K said...

Well, maybe the "pig" remark was a bit strong, and it isn't cool to stereotype. The episode that I describe was one of those moments that sort of put it all in perspective for me. Gas was $3/gallon at that time, and I'm pedaling to work primarily because I just want to. All this individual ought to do is obey the law to a rather small degree by stopping before the crosswalk. Instead, she pulls the H3 up and stops in a way the obstructs the entire crosswalk for all 6 or so of us that were using it, which forced us all into traffic just to avoid her fat ass and fat truck. So that was the backdrop for my childish tantrum.

1:29 PM  

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