Monday, February 27, 2006

San Francisco - Feb 23

Morning coffee was a Martha and Son's, an indpendent coffee shop on 24th street. The espresso there is fabulous, and I think they use the ristretto method of preparing espresso. After our espresso, we went to Bay City Bikes by way of the J-Church and the F retro train. I had reserved a couple of road bikes for Thursday through Saturday. The bikes were Giant OCR-2 with a 9-speed Shimano Tiagra grouppo. I wouldn't want to buy this set up but it was a fine rental for us.

From the shop (in the Warf area) we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin, with our goal being to ride to Mt. Tamalpais. I had downloaded a cue sheet from the Grizzly Peak Cyclists website and I had the Marin Map that I purchased the day before, so there were no excuses. The weather was perfect... sunny with temps in the mid-60s. "Mt. Tam" is shown in this picture.

We rode through Mill Valley and then headed up hill on residential, single-lane streets like Cascade, Marion, Sequoia Valley and Edgewood. This was a typical Marin neighborhood with redwood trees, nice homes, nice cars and mud slides. After reaching Mt. Tamalpais park, we rode up Pan Toll Road and down the other side on Fairfax Bolinas Road.

We took the Ferry from Sausalito back to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. From there we rode Harrison and Valencia back to the B&B. It was an epic riode, 56 miles in all.

Dinner was at the Sushi Boat, 389 Geary. The Sushi was great, just as we remembered it. Of course no trip to downtown San Francisco is complete without seeing some guy urinating in public. We were witness to that on the walk back to the Powell Muni station.


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Sounds like a great trip. We were in SF last fall and did some riding too, but not nearly as extensive as you.

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