Monday, February 27, 2006

San Francisco - Feb 25

After another trip to Martha and Son's for espresso, we went to Herb's for breakfast. It was the only place that was open at 7:15AM on Saturday. Herb's is an independent neighborhood place that filled with Noe Valley denizens very quickly. The owner knew most of the patrons by name.

After breakfast we took BART to Orinda and did a ride through Moraga and over the hill to the Rockridge BART Station. We rode through Canyon and up Pinehurst Road. We must have encountered about 100 bicyclists in the short time that we were out. This first photo is taken on Canyon Road. The first two riders are S & S.

Here is another photo (below) from the same ride. While riding, I pointed the camera backwards and hit the shutter button, resulting in a cool photo of Kay and S behind her.

Finally - this photo (below)is from the top of the hill on Pinehurst. Mt. Diablo is back there through the haze.

We continued down the hill to the Rockridge BART station and bid farwell to S & S. Got back to the City, pedaled around the embaradero and returned the bikes. We ended up riding 25 miles today.


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