Friday, January 26, 2007

Seattle - Day 4

Monday – January 22, 2007
It’s the last day of fun before the business part of this trip begins for me. Kay leaves for Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon and back to her routine. We took the bus to Capital Hill and checked out the Broadway shopping area, which was less than I expected. We headed down to the Pike Street Market, which is OK but touristy (not how we roll). Checked out the North Face store and found nothing there that we couldn’t live without. We probably walked 3 or miles today, which is a good thing.

Monday evening we went to The Fun House, a punk rock club, for the Monday Night Gold Sprints, a bicycle race on trainers. It was an indoor alley cat race, more or less. The organizers had two roller-trainers hooked up to a computer and an LCD screen. Participants raced against each other in a 500M sprint, with progress for each bike tracked on the computer and LCD display. It was pretty cool, and they were going to a different bar each Monday night.

Photos for the long weekend are on my Phredly flicker site. (See the links to the right).


Blogger 1 quick roadie said...

Looks like a great trip. So how did you do at the sprints at the punk rock pub? Oh and "What did the text say"?

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