Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thursday Night Rides

So - every Thursday evening a group of loose-knit or better friends roll off for a 25-30 mile ride and end the evening with dinner and bevies somewhere in the neighborhood. We almost always meet at our place in South Minnie and usually head east to St. Paul or out west to the inner-burbs for a ride. Its a lycra ride, usually at a spirited social pace averaging 15-17mph. We tend to break into two groups if necessary and regroup somewhere before rolling in grouppo compatto (If you don't know the term you will have to look it up). There are about 40 people on the distro list for the rides and we usually get 7-10 riders.

Last Thursday was one for the books. I think we had seven or eight riders, and we decided to eat at D'Amico on Hennepin. D'Amico features a bottom-less glass of wine, meaning they will refill if you ask politely and often... which we did. The two of us rolled home at 10PM, having just enough to eat and drink. One of the participants made the mistake of indicating that she had wine at her nearby condo, and would welcome company. A few of the participants, who did not want to offend the offerer's generosity, accepted the offer.

All I know is that when I left for work the next morning, there were still two cars parked in front my house. On my ride to work I happened across the two and indicated that they were "so busted", in jest of course.

Yeah - we are sure a bunch of jocks.

I wonder where we'll eat next Thursday night? Hmmmm.


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