Friday, January 26, 2007

Seattle - Day 1

Friday – January 19, 2007
We flew to Seattle and checked in to the Grand Hyatt, the view from our room is pictured. It’s a nice place with a great view in downtown that leans toward Capital Hill. Headed straight down toward the Pike Street Market and had lunch at 94 Stewart. Kay had a fish (salmon) and chips lunch and I had a Fried Avocado dish with crab, tomatoes and capers. It was recommended by Seattle Weekly, and it was good.

We took the 26 Bus to Gregg’s Bike Shop, the Greenlake location. Kay was sweet on checking out a pair of Harlot Scarlet knickers, which Gregg’s had in stock. She tried them on, and another pair from Sheila Moon. She opted for the Sheila Moon knickers, which were more to her liking. The Sheila Moon knickers are a nice piece.


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