Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today is our one full-day in Amsterdam before our flight to Toulouse. The weather was absolutely perfect as we made our walk to the museum. We purchased advanced tickets to the Anne Frank House, and took the tour. There was an espresso place a few doors down from the museum, so we had espresso and breakfast over there. The tour was great, they have done a good job with it. The queues grew long after we left. I am glad we did the advance tickets and the early tour.

After the tour we rented bikes at nearby Bike City Rental in the Jordaan district. We rode for over 2 hours, mostly in circles around the city. If you look at the geography of the place you will see why. My trusty Teva shoes developed a rip, so we had a mission of buying a new pair for me. Scored a pair of Patagonia shoes at an outdoor store... don't want to think about the exchange rate at this point... just glad that I scored on the shoe front.

Amsterdam is a very welcoming place, especially on a bike. We didn't find it intimidating at all, and it is a real treat to part of the constant flow of bikes that is just part of this place. You see families like the one pictured here pedaling around and running their errands. We encountered a couple of street fairs, including a very large book fair. Also cruised the Red Light District and saw the Pros working in the windows.

We returned the bikes and had a veggie burger at a nearby restaurant. Can't recall the name.


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