Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Col de la Core

Today was our first day on the bikes. We pedaled through Massat then west on the D17 over the Col de Saraille, through Oust, Seix and then up the Col de la Core from the east side. The Col de la Core is 13km long and climbing it is completely manageable, especially with a triple crank. We descended the same way that we climbed and pedaled back through Seix, Oust on the D3 and then to the D618 through Biert and then Massat. After arriving at the Lodge we pedaled back to the village of Massat for a beer at one of the two bars there. We are the only tourists in Massat at this moment, best as we can tell.

The weather was absolutely perfect today. The views from the Col and on the way up were stunning. We stopped for espresso and some fruit in Seix, a charming village that was buzzing with activity and few (if any) tourists. Seix is the kind of place that I could easily spend a few days or more at. There are restaurants and at least one hotel. Our bikes are shown at the coffee bar on one of the pictures here. We rode 73km today.

The British blokes are out of here today. They are doing one last ride with Austin and then will pack it all up and head to the airport in Toulouse. Austin operates the shuttle van, the blokes did this trip car-free.


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