Monday, May 19, 2008

Travel Day to Massat

We left Amsterdam and jumped on the hour and a half Flight to Toulouse. We rented a Citroen C5 Station Wagon, a diesel car that was plenty large enough for our stuff. The car had a GPS unit, which will probably pay off in the form of fewer arguments while we are here.

We found our way to Massat and the Roquefort Cycle Lodge without any drama. We got settled in and I set up the bikes. The Inn is owned by Sal and Austin, British citizens who moved here a few years ago to take it down a gear, so to speak. They have a dog named Bongo who will demand that you throw a stick whenever he sees us. We are more than happy to oblige Mr. Bong, as Sal calls him. We eventually learn that there are a number of U.K. citizens who have moved to southern France. There are three other guests here for most of the week, Ian, Mark and Tim who are also from the U.K.
Good blokes, all of them.


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