Friday, May 19, 2006

National Bike to Work Day

Today I participated in Bike to Work Day. There were several events in the Twin Cities, including a group ride that started near my house and ended near my office. So - why not do it.

Our group was seven strong including KM and our Hennepin County Commisioner Peter McLaughlin. Our ride went from Minnehaha Park to the Hennepin County Government Center (HCGC). There was an event at the HCGC, with food and beverages from the Birchwood Cafe, JP American Bistro, Peace Coffee and others. The food is what I refer to as blue-state (really good) food. Commissioner McLaughlin spoke, as did Mayor Rybak. The Mayor pedaled to the event too. There were giving schwag away, including a $300 gift certificate.

After a cup of coffee, some food and some small talk, it was off to work for a half-day. After work I rode to One-on-One for lunch, Cars-R-Coffins to look for a used single speed for SE, Hiawatha Bike shop to visit and pick up a few odds and ends and then to a vet appointment. KM from the morning ride was at Hiawatha, seems like he has an ownership interest in the shop along with Jim.

After the vet appointment Kay and I rode to Behind Bars Bike shop and got a birthday gift for the little brother, who turns 40 on the 20th. Then it was a burrito at Chipotle and finally home. What a great way to end the week.


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