Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hangin' with S.E.

Thanks to my day job, I found myself in Denver this week. I managed to hook up with SE for an evening of revelry and mocking Cheney. The weather in Denver was great on the evening that we got togther. It was probably near 70 degrees and sunny. So - we got the bikes out and thashed around Denver.

Before leaving I checked out SE's newest enterprise: Copper Door Coffee Roasters. You'll have to wait just a little longer to place your first order, but I'll get the word out to both of my readers when the bean is ready. I managed to sneak out with a sampler platter of bean, which I will be grinding and pressing on Friday morning.

From SE's place we rode through a number of Denver neighborhoods, including Montclair and Hilltop. We even rode past Mayor Hickenlooper's place. Ultimately we ended up downtown at Wazee Supper Club for a pitcher and pizza. After dinner it was a night ride through downtown Denver and then some quiet neighboorhood streets. As always, it was fun to see SE. I even got to try out my new black Endura Humvee Knickers, and they are great.


Blogger Sinjin Eberle said...

Excellent, excellent post...I think your best ever ;>)

Thanks for the promotions. Great to have you over and out!


9:18 PM  

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