Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're here to see KaiserCartel

We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary on Friday night, two days after the official anniversary of the actual day that Judge Fleishauer hooked us up for keeps on an early spring Monday afternoon in a Portage County Courthouse. Its been blissful.

First it was dinner at the Craftsman at E. Lake and 43rd Street. This was a place that was long on our list of things to do but never seemed to get done. We were both delighted with the experience, both the service and the food. Kay had polenta and I had a steak, grass fed from a cow that was not subjected to the Industrial Food Chain. Good for the cow, good for me. I need to add this place to the Thursday night ride short list of restaurants.

After that we went to the Varsity Theatre to see KaiserCartel. We became aware of these two musicians from Brooklyn when we attended an Alice Peacock show a few months ago. We both enjoy their music, and I met Benjamin Cartel after their set and introduced myself. Kay bought a sweet T-Shirt from the band. Benjamin and Courtney have been working at Third Ear Studio on their next CD, which is due out this summer. We'll see these two again... and again.

Also ran into Jeff, the moderator at Books and Bars. As a result I am probably on a softball team, and that is cool. I was on the JV baseball team in high school, where I specialized in sitting on the bench. Jeff encourged us to hang out for the third band, but it was getting late and we were there to see KaiserCartel.


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