Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bicycle Film Festival

We took in the Bicycle Film Festival this weekend here in Minneapolis. On Thursday we took in both shows, and on Friday we took in the 7:30 PM show. I was pleased when it was announced that the event would come here. We had planned on traveling to Chicago to take it in until the Minneapolis dates were announced.

Probably my favorite films were Tom Schroeder's "Bike Ride", a 6 minute animated film about a high school kid who rides 50 miles to see his girl friend (who dumps him), and Andrea Dorfman's "There's a Flower in my Pedal".

On Saturday there was an alley cat race. It featured six stops, but our team of four opted for an easy ride to two of the ten stops (Behind Bars Bike Shop and a nearby coffee shop) before seeking refreshments at Mayslack's. The photo in this post is from the start of the alley cat.

Hopefully the Bicycle Film Festival will return here next year. All of the 3-day passes sold out, and the venues were near or at capacity for the three shows that we attended.

Our photos from the day are here: