Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liquor Store Run

It was an interesting mix of people at Skol Liquor store this evening. Not so much the people, but the modes of transport. There were 6 people in the store. 3 arrived by bicycle, 2 arrived by skateboard and 1 person arrived by car. The car was a sweet 1969 Ford Mustang, a Mach 1 with a shaker top and big block engine, probably a 351 Cleveland.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Favre - what its really about

Its about time some writer called out the obvious.


We had Chamber-of-Commerce kind of weather here this Saturday. We pedaled over to Richfield to see our grandson Grady while daughter Jess mowed the lawn. Then we did the following:

- Pedaled over to the nearby tree-trimming place (Longfellow and 38th Street) and bought some firewood and hauled it home in the BOB Trailer. No one was around, so we called the number listed there and the owner said leave $20 in the mailbox.

- Headed up to the Alliance Francaise to take in a photo art show by Jean Peterson. It featured photography from France and Norway, and the Montana Slim String Band performed.

- Pedaled over the Hennepin Bridge and took in the Red Stag Block party. Took in Roma Di Luna and E.L.n.O and a bevie.

- Scored some Zywiec beer from Surdyk's

- Dinner at Grumpy's

- Pedaled to Trader Joe's for a grocery/wine run.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Music - Lots of it

In the past four days we've seen....

Friday Night: Jim Walsh Hootenanny with The Mad Ripple, Alicia Wiley, Adam Levy, Dayna Kurtz, Robert Wilkinson, Mamie Minch.

Saturday Night: Jim Walsh, Alicia Corbett, Dayna Kurtz, Mamie Minch

Sunday: Nothing, gave it a rest

Monday: Brianna Lane.