Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ferdericksburg Texas Week

We loaded up the Mini Cooper with our two S&S-coupled Surly Cross-Checks and headed down to Fredericksburg, Texas with some friends. DAy 1 we drove to Oklahoma City (800 Miles) and day 2 we drove to Fredericksburg (475 miles).

On our first day we pedaled 45 miles, deliberately heading south first becuase there was a 20-25 mph headwind. We rolled through Fred on some of its residential streets, then headed south on Old San Antonio ROad to the Bat Cave. At that location the Alamo Springs Cafe is located (closed on Tuesday). We split a vegetarian sandwhich and a Spinach Quesadilla.. and I had a Shiner Blonde.

After leaving there, we headed north on Old San Antonio Road where we enjoyed a tail wind. THen it was a right on Grapetown Road to Luckenbach, which was busy. There had to be 200 people there, and the band was playing out back. Every other time we've been here its been a weekday, and there were maybe 6 or 7 people there.

We left Luckenbach and pedaled north on Luckenbach Road, then North on Jung Road... still enjoying a tail wind. Then it was a left (West) on FM 1631 where we had a crross wind for the last 8 miles.

All told it was 45 miles. Weather was 79 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Pictures later... off to dinner.

Monday, March 09, 2009


After nearly 4 months of trying, I sold my Ford Ranger truck today. It served us well and hauled a lot of stuff, but we just don't use it enough to justify keeping it. I am sure that there will be 10 days a year where I wish I had a truck, but we won't miss it all on the other 355 days.

The two of us will share the Mini Cooper. We've got a bike rack for it, plus the S&S Coupled-Surly bikes fit inside the car when they are packed up.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Milwaukee - M'waukee

I took in the North American Handmade Bicycle show this weekend in Indianapolis with some of my mates. Blokes weekend, it was a good time. Perhaps I'll blog more about that later. There was one moment that I'd rather not forget...

We are leaving a restaurant one evening and are approached by a 40-something couple. They see Mark's 'Milwaukee Bicycle Company' T-Shirt and this exchange occurs:

40-something couple: "Hey, we are from Milwaukee. Where is that bike shop located"?

Me: "Its on the Southside, on Lincoln Ave, near my Grandmother's old place."

40-something couple: "We'll check it out".

Me: "Uh - what did you call that town that you claim to be from"?

40-something wife, now smiling large: "M'waukee"!

Me: "That's more like it. Now I know you two are really from M'waukee"