Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chuck Prophet @ Turf Club

We took in the Chuck Prophet gig at the Turf Club last night. It was the fourth time we've seen Chuck and his band, and the third time we saw them at the Turf Club. The other time was at First Avenue, when he opened for Lucinda Williams. We got there about 9 and found a couple of bar stools right near the stage, which was cool. We saw Stephanie Finch (keyboard player, Chuck's wife) walking around prior to their set. She seems genuine, talking it up with the Turf Club staff quite a bit.

Chuck Prophet and band were great. They played for over 2 hours, about 2:10 I believe. The crowd was mostly over 40, and many were over 50 years old. It was nice to feel young in a bar, and we're 45+. One dude with gray hair and a beard that matched shoved a guy pretty hard near the end of the show. The woman that he was with settled him down rather quickly. It was weird. Otherwise it was a great night.