Monday, December 18, 2006

What are you, nuts?

So - I ride into work today, just like most days. Its ony 7 miles, and its ~20 degrees and dry. I roll up to the door at the office and there are three people having a cigarette, huddled and looking cold. One person, between puffs, says to me....

"What are you - Nuts? Riding a bike in cold weather like this."

I didn't say anything, but sort of gave her a confused look, complete with a slightly tilted head. I swipe my badge, started to head in the door, stopped, and said... "good morning." All three replied in kind.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just another mid-December day

So - we roll out of here for a urban ride. Its mid-December, the 16th to be precise. I guess that means its supposed to be cold. Here is what we saw today:

- A few guys out for a run, wearing shorts.
- Some guy building something with cement and Bricks (masonry work), wearing jeans and a short sleeve T-Shirt.
- Some young gal walking outside wearing jeans and a tank top.
- Some dude raking his yard.
- People golfing at one of the Minneapolis courses.

Yeah - winter is a brutal season here in Minneapolis. This is the second weekend in the past 3 where we've been able to bicycle outside and break a sweat.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


The temperatures here in Minneapolis were in the mid-40's yesterday. It would have been a perfect late October or early November day, only it is approaching mid-December. We'll take it, and go riding.

Kay and I did 33 miles on the Single Speed road bikes. We needed to get coffee anyway, so we rode to J&S Bean in St. Paul by way of Hopkins. It did snow here one morning last week, maybe a half-inch or so that stuck around for a few hours. The street crews really put down the road salt when that happened, probably laid down as much salt as there was snow. I think we'll leave the geared bikes in the basement for now. You can see the photos from the ride here:

In the evening we went to Caroline Yang's Tour de France Opening Party @ One On One Bicycle Studio. We walked from our house to Light Rail and took it to the event. There were tons of people leaving the Holidazzle Parade (Bah Hum-Bug) as we arrived downtown.

Some of the Warehouse-District bar patrons are an interesting type. At about 10PM, when it is dark, we must have seen 5 or 6 people wearing those big Gucci Sunglasses while walking from bar to bar. It sort of reminded me of Florence, only without the German tourists.