Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

We kind of burned it at both ends this weekend.

Friday - Met a landscaper at our place and gave him the paver gig in our backyard. He starts sometime in August. Then - went to the Bicycle Film Fest at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Saturday - We spent 5-ish hours painting the porch exterior. I am not thrilled about going up on the ladder at all, but its not terribly high. When we replace the crap siding that in on the rest of the house I am going to hire a painter. We pedaled to a friend's house in North Minneapolis for a ride and meal and got back at 8pm-ish.

Sunday - another 5-ish hours on the porch. The exterior paint in nearly done... I just need to put a second coat on the shake. That means one more laddder trip. We took in Bastile Day and Barbette, and that was fun and crowded. We saw singer-songwriter Chastity Brown on the way out and introduced ourselves. Had dinner at the Common Roots Cafe. The Tilapia Tacos were great, pictured here. Washed it down with a Point Nude Beach Beer, and was delighted to get some hometown brew right here in Minnie.