Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If you like Chuck Prophet...

... you need to read this:

Its a long read but worth it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

There is nothing to see here...

...but I have been urged by a fellow Pole, someone who is always welcome here for an espresso on his way to work, to blog something...ANYTHING to prove that I can still fog a mirror. So - I will start with the good news. That being, we are going to the Pyrenees in the late spring. Bought tickets, have accommodations, maps and all that. We'll need to hit hills hard to prepare once the temps warm up.

Second - the not so good news. Kay got a call on December 21 late in the evening. It was a nurse in North Carolina who informed us that Kay's Mom Dottie had an aortic aneurysm, serious stuff when you are almost 90 years old (or any age). Kay was on the next flight to Raleigh and drove a rented car to the coast. Her brothers met her there. Well, the great news is that Dottie survived this thing. Dottie will be checking out of the hospital on Monday the 28th and moving back to their abode, in an area where she can continue her recovery. They are in a life-care facility, so she will spend time in the nursing home area. Kay is there now and returns Saturday, or maybe Monday... we're not quite sure.

Been riding to work quite a bit, but 10 above is generally the low end of my tolerance. Gotta do one of those Saturday morning Hiawatha Bike Shop rides again. I tried to get over there during the holidaze but arrived late. That reminds me... February is the month that we'll convert Kay's old Hybrid bike to an Xtracycle. Whoo-hoo!