Monday, June 15, 2009

Madison - Milwaukee

We decided to participate in the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, a pub crawl that has a 25 year-long tenure. This is the same ride that we did back in 2007.

We drove from Minneapolis to Madison on Thursday June 11, and pedaled the 104 miles from Madison to Milwaukee on the 12th. Our lodging was at the Knickerbocker by the Lake, an old hotel that is also an apartment building. Our room was an efficiency apartment, and the Knick provides a locking bicycle closet in their basement, or you can bring your bikes to your room. We'll retun to the Knick whenever we are in Milwaukee.

Props to the Rochester Deli in downtown Waukesha. We had lunch there and the owner gave us a bag full of cookies and treats to take on the road with us.

Saturday was the pub crawl. Before the FTTM we pedaled around Milwaukee's south side and checked out my Grandparent's old place. The housing stock looked pretty good, there was more home repairs either completed or underway than I expected. The FTTM was a good time, just like before. We pedaled with friends that we hadn't seen in a few years.

We had to great breakfasts at the Cafe at the Plaza, a Breakfast and Lunch place at the Plaza Hotel on Cass Street. Edna there is a really good waitress. We'll return there again and sit at the counter.

We pedaled back to Madison on Sunday the 14th. The weather was fantastic all weekend and we really enjoyed being back in southeastern Wisconsin.

The pictures are here.